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Rumba Tropical

Rumba Tropical

On an October night last year, Johnny Freyre & Kalima Project were invited to play at the prestigious Floripa, for Rumba Tropical in Shoreditch, which was host to a night dedicated to raising money for the charity, Children of the Andes.


COTA is the UK’s largest charity working exclusively in Colombia, and as a charity they aim to work with children who have lived on the street, been displaced by conflict and those living with HIV, AIDS or with disabilities to give these children the rights to what every child is entitled to, a childhood in a secure environment.


As most of Johnny Freyre & Kalima Project have origins in Colombia, we couldn’t think of a more perfect event for us to help raise money for, so that’s exactly what we did, in true Johnny Freyre & Kalima Project style!


Prior to us performing all those in attendance were treated to a 45 minute Salsa class under the instruction of Cali Swing UK, so the crowd was nice and warmed up by the time we got on stage.


With the crowd nice and limber, we did what we do best! Bringing to Rumba Tropical the latest and greatest in pulsating Salsa and Cuban music, as well as Cumbia and Old School South American music.


Judging by the crowd everyone in attendance had an amazing night, and Duncan, Executive Director of COTA, who was responsible for helping organise the night and was amongst the party goers was kind enough to say – “You were fantastic!  Everyone I spoke to at the party said how great you were – exactly what people wanted. So thanks for making it such a brilliant night and thanks for making such a massive effort to support us. It really means a huge amount to us”.


Most importantly of all though was the fantastic amount of money the night was able to raise for charity, over £4000 in total, which will make a huge difference to the lives of the children who are helped by COTA.


The night will live long in our memory as well as the memory of all those who were there for such a brilliant night!


Huge thanks to Children of the Andes for having us and until the next time – Que Viva La Musica! Long live the Music!


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